Infant Massage Instruction

Healing touch for parents and babies.

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Infant Massage Instruction

continuing education at the nest

Are you a new parent or about to become a new parent and desire greater connection with your baby in a way that will help them feel nurtured, stabilize their mood, and enhance their physical and mental development? Or are you looking for a meaningful gift that you can send to someone who is about to welcome a baby?


Deepens parent + child connections


Nurtures developing newborns


Stabilizes and improves mood

Dive into the magic of therapeutic touch. 

The Essential Touch Infant Massage Instruction course — taught by Nicole Budeau, a licensed massage therapist, certified prenatal massage therapist, and certified infant massage instructor — is an exclusive Continuing Education at The Nest course offering that empowers parents in a rewarding journey of love and connection.

With nine (9) instructional videos — a course overview and eight individual lessons — and supplementary downloadable content, this virtual education program guides you through gentle techniques and evidence-based strategies to:

  • Stabilize mood and ease fussiness.
  • Nurture healthy growth and development.
  • Create a calming haven to promote relaxation.

Welcoming a new child is a beautiful journey unlike any other, full of unexpected joys and challenges. We know it can be hard even in times when we’re surrounded by our loved ones, and being unable to gather with our support systems can add additional stress. We have created this course to help families build a greater connection while reducing stress for both parents and baby. Scientific research has demonstrated that children who receive massage:

  • Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer while spending more time in quiet, alert states throughout the daytime hours
  • Experience healthy weight gain for optimal development and growth
  • Experience strengthened emotional bonds with parents and caregivers
  • Exhibit less fussiness, crying, and stress-related behavior
  • Experience less digestion issues (such as colic)

Additional research also highlights the benefits of massage therapy on parents and caregivers, from reduced levels of depression and anxiety in mothers to enhanced father-infant interactions.

Client Testimonial

What a difference your workshop made! I used a lot of the moves…every single night from when my child was two months to about eight months old. It was a comforting and settling routine for both of us, and also for my partner who learned [the techniques] from me. My son would smile when I started rubbing my hands together and asked if he wanted a massage. It usually calmed him down if he was upset. The facial massage was perfect to end with, almost hypnotizing him in a way!

– Cynthia