Exclusive AHH workshops + upcoming events


A Healer’s Hand + The Nest is proud to offer a range of educational workshops designed to teach therapeutic massage techniques to a wide range of audience types — from expecting parents and community members to massage industry professionals.   

Pregnancy & Labor Support Series

Hosted by AHH Owner Nicole Budeau, LMT, CPMT, and Rachel Rodgers, LMT, the Pregnancy and Labor Support Series combines virtual education and hands-on training designed to support couples throughout pregnancy and labor. Participants learn simple comfort measures and prenatal massage techniques for use at home and during delivery to help reduce pain and stimulate labor while strengthening connection, confidence, and intimacy. Call 608.442.4244 to learn more about upcoming Pregnancy & Labor Support Series workshop events. 

Essential Touch — Infant Massage Instruction Series

Discover the transformative healing properties of modern touch therapy and its impact on parents and babies in AHH’s Infant Massage Instruction Series. This course provides calming tools to help parents powerfully connect with their children, themselves, and other parents while fostering a safe, nurturing, and deeply bonding experience.

AHH’s Pregnancy + Labor Support Series helps strengthen connection and intimacy among expecting parents.