At A Healer’s Hand + The Nest, we do our best to keep our pricing fair, competitive, and accessible for our clients while still honoring the skill, time, and experience that each of our practitioners has. As such, we do have different rates for different services. 

You can check out our pricing for individual services below, and you can also visit Our Team page to learn more about each practitioner. We also have massage, physical therapy, and esthetic treatment packages (which come with a 5-12% discount) available on our website.

Individual Therapeutic Massages

30-minute massages*


 60-minute massages*

$80 up to $115

75-minute massages*

$100 up to $145

90-minute massages*

$120 up to $170


*See Eastern Healing tab for all available massage add-ons. 

Pregnancy and Postpartum Services

Natural Labor Stimulation

75-minute prenatal massage with 30-minute Chinese acupressure to stimulate labor onset + 30-minute complimentary follow-up appointment if needed: $139 to $170
30-minute follow-up appointment: $55

Prenatal Massages

(Packages of 3 massages are available at a discount, New Clients are an additional $15)

75-minute New Client Prenatal Support massage + 15-minute consult (new clients): starting at $115 up to $145

75-minute Prenatal massage (return client): $100-$145
60-minute Prenatal massage (return clients): $80- $115

Postpartum Recovery Massage

(Packages of 3 massages are available at a discount, New Clients are an additional $15)

90-minute recovery massage + 15-minute consult (new clients): $135-$170
90-minute postpartum massage (return client): $120- $170 

Postpartum Doula Services

More info coming soon!

 Infant Massage Instruction – Video Course

Essential Touch Infant Massage $98 with Nicole Budeau


Physical Therapy

Consultations & Evaluations

60-minute consultation: $120.00
New client evaluation: $100.00
Prenatal client evaluation: $100.00
Performance assessment: $80.00


30-minute manual treatment: $60.00
50-minute manual treatment: $80.00
Exercise-based treatment: $60.00

Services provided by Kerida or Kathleen O’Reilly.

Eastern Healing


Massage Addons

Aromatherapy: $10
Chinese Cupping: $15
Essential Oil Scalp Massage: $15
Foot Scrub: $20
Hand Treatment: $15
Mini Hot Stones: $20

30-minute Reiki session Add on with Nicole Budeau: $50

Services provided by Nicole, Rachel & Sara

Reflexology & Cupping

30-minute Reflexology Foot Treatment: $45
30-minute Chinese Cupping Treatment: $45

Services provided by Nicole, Rachel & Sara. 

Advanced Aesthetics

Click image to view our brochure.


 Services provided by Genevieve Schultz and Rebecca Westphal


Corporate Wellness

Custom quote required; please contact us if you are interested!