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At A Healer’s Hand + The Nest (AHH), we understand the importance of an integrative approach in supporting overall well-being and believe everyone deserves access to high-quality therapeutic services. That’s why we always strives to offer fair and competitive pricing that carefully reflects the skills and expertise of our dedicated providers alongside AHH’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of quality and service. Explore our rates below for massage therapy (including pregnancy and postpartum services), physical therapy, and advanced aesthetics (see prices on dedicated page). You can also learn more about our skilled team of providers by visiting Our Team!




New Client Appointments: Please note new client appointments typically have a slightly higher rate ($10-$15) to cover initial consult and intake.

Package Discounts: Enjoy savings on your self-care journey! We offer a 5% discount on massage and aesthetics service packages (package includes three services), and a 6% discount on prenatal and postpartum massage packages! Packages include 3 booked services.

Price Adjustments: We strive to maintain the latest prices, however, rates are subject to change. Please contact us for the most current information.


“Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well.”

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D.

Physical Therapist


Massage Therapy + Add-Ons

Therapeutic Massage: 60 Minutes

Targeted massage to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.

$95 – $115

Therapeutic Massage: 75 Minutes

In-depth massage addresses specific needs to restore balance.

$120 – $145

Therapeutic Massage: 90 Minutes

Deep tissue work for lasting pain relief and overall rejuvenation.

$145 – $170

Therapeutic Massage: 120 Minutes

A complete mind-body experience to restore and rejuvenate.

$190 – $230

Reflexology Foot Treatment (30 min)

Relieve stress and restore balance through reflexology.


Chinese Cupping Treatment (30 min)

Support recovery and pain management with cupping.


Add-On: Aromatherapy

Enhance massage with calming + soothing scent journey.

$10 – $20

Add-On: Foot Scrub

Soften and refresh tired feet. 

$20 – $30

Add-On: Chinese Cupping

Invigorating suction for deeper relief.

$15 – $20

Add-On: Hand Treatment

Nourish and protect hardworking hands.

$15 – $20

Add-On: Mini Hot Stones

Melt away stress with targeted warmth.


Add-On: 30-Minute Reiki

Enhance well-being via energy balancing. 



Pregnancy + Postpartum Massage

Natural Labor Stimulation (90-120 min)

Acupressure and massage to promote natural labor onset. Includes 30-minute follow-up if needed.

$170 – $185

Natural Labor Stimulation Follow-Up (30 min)

Additional follow-up option with 30 minutes of acupressure point stimulation support to promote natural labor onset.


New Client: Prenatal Support Massage (90-105 min)

Ease pregnancy discomfort and prepare for childbirth.


Prenatal Support Massage (75 min)

Nurture your body and mind during pregnancy.

$135 – $145

New Client: Postpartum Recovery Massage (105 min)

Supports postnatal healing. Includes 15-minute consult.

$160 – $175

Postpartum Recovery Massage (90 min)

Enhance postpartum well-being with therapeutic massage.

$160 – $175


Physical Therapy

Consult: New Client Evaluation (60 min)

Unlock your path to recovery with a personalized assessment.


Consult: Prenatal/Postpartum Client Evaluation

Supporting a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery.


Consult: New Client Complex Evaluation (90 min)

Deep dive into your condition(s) and develop a comprehensive plan.


Consult: Performance Assessment

Identify areas for improvement and optimize your movement.


Treatment: Exercise-Based Treatment

Take charge of your recovery with targeted physical therapy exercises.


Treatment: Manual Physical Therapy (30 min)

Improve mobility and function with hands-on techniques.


Treatment: Manual Physical Therapy (50 min)

Enhance recovery with in-depth manual physical and visceral therapy.


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