Pain-Free Pregnancy

Improving the standard of prenatal + postpartum care

premier prenatal + postpartum massage therapy

Pain-Free Pregnancy

While pregnancy is often associated with mild aches and pains, discomfort doesn’t have to be the norm. AHH is committed to improving the overall perinatal experience by helping clients achieve a pain-free pregnancy and postnatal journey through regular prenatal and postpartum massage therapy.

Prenatal massage is a safe and effective therapeutic practice starting after the first trimester (typically around 12 weeks) that helps ease discomfort and promote relaxation while naturally preparing the body for labor and delivery. After childbirth, is it recommended to wait at least six (6) weeks before resuming therapeutic care such as postpartum massage and/or pelvic floor therapy.

Through emotional support and gentle therapeutic touch, our providers are dedicated to helping you experience the incredible joy and fulfillment of a pain-free pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Learn more about our pain-free pregnancy service offerings below.

Black and white shot of hands holding pregnant belly.

Pregnancy + Labor Support

Exclusive couples massage training workshop for pregnancy and labor.

Prenatal Massage

Reduce pain and ease discomfort during pregnancy while promoting overall well-being.

Labor Induction Massage

Gentle therapeutic massage supports natural labor preparation and stimulation.

Postpartum Recovery Massage

Therapeutic postnatal massage supports postpartum healing and recovery.

Infant Massage Instruction

Nurture healthy child growth and development while deeply connecting with your newborn.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Restorative physical therapy to strengthen pelvic floor and support postpartum healing.