Our Team

Kathleen O’Reilly

DPT (she/her)

Physical Therapist

About Kathleen

Kathleen has been practicing physical therapy for more than 30 years and joined A Healer’s Hand + The Nest to provide comprehensive physical therapy services alongside her child, Kerida, through their independent business, The Body Resilient. From musculoskeletal issues to pelvic floor dysfunction, Kathleen is deeply passionate about helping patients overcome complex physiological challenges and achieving long, active, pain-free lifestyles. 

Fostering an eclectic approach, Kathleen combines several manual therapy disciplines with corrective exercises to achieve optimal patient outcomes. 

In addition to formal patient evaluations, she goes above and beyond the standard clinical approach to medical history, and, instead, physically follows lines of tension and strain throughout the body to identify origins of pain and perform the appropriate manual therapy techniques to soothe and release.

To broaden her knowledge and areas of expertise, Kathleen engages in ongoing continuing education, taking courses in myofascial release (MFR), craniosacral therapy (CST), visceral manipulation, pelvic floor dysfunction, and advanced manual therapy techniques.


Client Reviews +

Kathleen is an amazing physical therapist and has helped me when no one else could figure out what to do.

Garrett Jones

Client, Google Reviewer

I went in for a massage 9 weeks after my baby was born. Not only was it relaxing, but I really appreciated the care I was given. From the professionalism to the knowledge that the therapist had about my body – I was extremely happy with everything. I highly recommend going to A Healer’s Hand for a massage!

Nikki James

Client, Google Reviewer

I was referred to The Nest to have Physical Therapy work done on my lower back. I have always had lower back pain from golfing injuries and it has given me troubles through the years. Working with Kathleen has helped tremendously; this PT is different than any other PT I have done in the past where it incorporates massage and stretching to the areas that feel strained. Would highly recommend to anyone who has suffered an injury.

Arielle Berman

Client, Google Reviewer