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Nature’s Pathways September 2015 Helping people has always been a part of who Shannon Gyles and Nicole Budeau are. They both found Chinese medicine and quickly realized their passion for energy work and healing could be encompassed in an alternative approach. Through experiencing their own individual challenges in becoming and being parents, they feel committed […]
February 28, 2016

Nature’s Pathways
September 2015

Helping people has always been a part of who Shannon Gyles and Nicole Budeau are. They both found Chinese medicine and quickly realized their passion for energy work and healing could be encompassed in an alternative approach. Through experiencing their own individual challenges in becoming and being parents, they feel committed and honored to help make this process easier for women and their families in the community.

“We both really share the same heart and vision for natural healing, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care,” Shannon says. “We joined forces and since then it’s been about continuing our vision day by day — expanding and growing together… we’re really partners in what we’re doing and how we grow our business.”

Nicole opened her business, A Healer’s Hand, where Shannon was an acupuncturist before separating and creating Madison Acupuncture & Holistic Health. They wouldn’t be apart for long — their bond held strong and with a combined 19 years of experience, the duo reunited in October of 2013 to form Sacred Healing Center.

Sacred Healing Center was born from Shannon and Nicole’s desire to provide a sacred space for not only patients, but also different practitioners in the area who shared in their vision. While there were “women’s health” centers around the area, none seemed to encapsulate their specific view about the importance of support and empowerment of women.

Shannon and Nicole make it a point to offer encouragement about being comfortable in your skin wherever you are in your process.

Compassionate and comprehensive care

Sacred Healing Center offers many different specializations, therapies and education: acupuncture and massage for fertility, pregnancy, labor induction, postpartum, therapeutic pain and stress relief, Chinese herbal medicine, Reiki, intuitive healing, chiropractic care, nutritional and lactation consultations, natural skin care, craniosacral, and hands on massage training for pregnant couples. They even provide corporate wellness services to companies in the area.

Through it all, though, they’re clear about their intention to facilitate rather than “do” the work.

“I do believe our bodies have everything they need to be well,” Nicole says. “I facilitate people’s own wellness. I’m helping people to allow themselves to heal and feel better.”

“Our heart is to have people come in and feel nurtured and empowered within their spectrum of healing,” Shannon adds. “To be present with them, and to help facilitate whatever healing they need.”

Shannon and Nicole have many years of clinical experience working with pregnant women. Their goal is to help women enjoy their pregnancies through decreasing pain and discomfort, alleviating sciatica and ligament pain, reducing nausea and gastrointestinal issues, helping decrease anxiety and insomnia and much more! They also specialize in labor preparation work, helping with breech presentation and inducing labor. This care can greatly help women avoid interventions and medications during pregnancy and labor.

“In all phases of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum the stress component can be huge, so if we can decrease that, then the body, mind and spirit can come into a better state of balance,” Shannon says. “When we address the stress and help support women and help them to be heard and let them be vulnerable, I think that allows for transformation.”

Not only are acupuncture and massage relaxing (and sometimes that’s enough!) and therapeutic, there’s a reason women should consider these therapies in the stage before pregnancy. Acupuncture and massage can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and can help regulate ovulation and menstruation. Essentially, these therapies are able to help a woman’s body to be in a more receptive state for pregnancy and can help foster viability and sustainability of a healthy pregnancy. They treat many common conditions and aspects associated with infertility (polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, unexplained infertility and conjunctive care with assisted reproductive technology). Their commitment, expertise and compassion allows women to be fully supported through their journey with fertility and healthy pregnancies.

Then when women allow for the time to be nurtured and taken care of postpartum, acupuncture and massage can assist in healing from labor and delivery. Reducing pelvic, back, neck and shoulder pain and bringing the body back into pre-pregnancy state. These therapies can also help with mastitis, increasing milk production and reducing postpartum depression. Shannon and Nicole are passionate about helping women take care of themselves postpartum, as it is a difficult yet critically important time for women to be present to their own needs. They believe when women take the opportunity to give themselves the gift of postpartum care, they are able to be more present to their babies and families in a profound way.

Meeting you where you are

In Sacred Healing Center’s case, healing comes in many forms. Along with Shannon, an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and intuitive healer, and Nicole, a licensed massage therapist, certified prenatal massage therapist, and certified Reiki master, (she’s also currently completing her certification to become an infant massage instructor), the team consists of other practitioners who offer support within all aspects of care.

Colleen Eimerman, a licensed esthetician and licensed massage therapist works with people experiencing general pain, trauma and skin conditions. Margaret Wertheim, registered dietitian nutritionist focuses on women’s health with an integrative and whole foods based approach to nutrition. Dr. Erin Shook, doctor of chiropractic, works with both neurological and soft tissue of the body with a focus on pediatrics and women’s health. And Patricia Smith is an occupational therapist, lactation consultant and craniosacral therapist focusing on breastfeeding issues and children with special needs.

Meeting clients where they are can mean a variety of things, and that’s the point. Whether going through infertility, pregnancy, postpartum or motherhood — and any phase within those — Shannon and Nicole are clear in Sacred Healing Center’s ability to help everyone, not solely women who are interested in fertility treatment or prenatal care. Conditions that they see often include general pain, headaches and migraines, sciatica, anxiety, depression, endocrine issues, and digestive disorders.

Sacred Healing Center offers a variety of packages and classes to help women and their families support and take care of themselves. Packages offered at Sacred Healing Center include: fertility, supporting healthy “pain-free” pregnancies, labor preparation and induction, postpartum, and general multiservice packages for patients with pain or other conditions.

“What we love most is seeing a patient through fertility, and then supporting them throughout their pregnancy and postpartum,” Shannon says.

“And then we get to share the joy of meeting their baby! As healers this experience humbles, inspires and fulfills our hearts’ intention,” Nicole adds.

Sacred Healing Center has handfuls of joyful stories when it comes to helping women throughout their journeys, and that’s exactly why Shannon and Nicole love what they do every day.