Parent + Child Physical Therapist Team Joins AHH

AHH is excited to welcome parent-child physical therapy experts Kathleen + Kerida O'Reilly.
October 8, 2018

AHH Excited to Welcome Parent-Child Physical Therapy Experts Kathleen + Kerida O’Reilly

Kathleen and Kerida O’Reilly — of The Body Resilient — are thrilled to be joining the growing provider team at A Healer’s Hand + The Nest. Both physical therapists have extensive professional training and specialize in visceral manipulation that treats a variety of diagnoses, from acute injury to chronic pain conditions and pelvic floor dysfunctions. 

Aligning with the AHH mission to improve the standard of prenatal and postpartum care, Kerida and Kathleen are both extremely passionate about addressing pelvic floor dysfunction during pregnancy and postpartum recovery  — helping patients address the profound changes their bodies undergo throughout the perinatal process. They aim to provide a path to reclaiming a strong, pain-free body utilizing phyical therapy treatment approaches that cater to each individual and their specific needs.

Kathleen and Kerida’s unique treatment approach combines hands-on, manual treatment, gentle exercise, and education to empower patients to find their own natural resilience.

With increasing research pointing to the benefits of multi-modal integrative medicine, Kathleen and Kerida emphasize a holistic approach to their practice — treating the whole body (versus isolated parts/functions) to encourage holistic healing and the best possible outcomes for long-term health and rehabilitation. They are especially interested in the positive results that occur when treatment addresses the fascia surrounding the nerves and internal organs in concert with the musculoskeletal system. 

By combining treatment techniques from varying manual therapy disciplines — while also considering the patient’s emotional, psychological, and social health — Kathleen and Kerida help patients achieve less pain and a higher quality of life.  

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