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What clients have to say about
A Healer’s Hand + The Nest

“I went in for a massage 9 weeks after my baby was born. Not only was it relaxing, but I really appreciated the care I was given. From the professionalism to the knowledge that the therapist had about my body – I was extremely happy with everything. I highly recommend going to A Healer’s Hand for a massage!” Nikki J

“Nicole has the best hands in Madison.”

“Nicole has made the last three weeks of my pregnancy not only bearable, but enjoyable. She is truly wonderful. I feel great.
Thank you!”

“I got a prenatal massage from Hannah and it was THE best massage I’ve ever had, prenatal or otherwise. At six months, I’ve had lower back pain pretty much this whole pregnancy, and although I’ve tried prenatal massages at other places, nothing quite alleviated it. In my session with Hannah yesterday, it was completely gone, and is still feeling great today! I’ve been recommended A Healer’s Hand in years past for their skilled practitioners and tranquil energy, I’m glad I finally experienced it for myself and am looking forward to the rest of my prenatal care and beyond here!” Amanda S

“I have had many massages before, but this was an experience! Mar was exceptional and gave so much care and concern for me while I was in her care. There is also an very loving and kind energy about A Healer’s Hand space which they have created. I would highly recommend this business to anyone needing a little relaxation or TLC!” Virginia V

“I have been to very high end spa for a massage before (Kohler Water Spa and Spas in Vegas), but Nicole was the best massage I have had! It was fantastic.”

“If you’re an athlete or have a pretty intense/consistent approach to physical activity, you need to meet with Hannah. I’ve recently met with and received a massage from her and I cannot tell you how impactful it has been to my physical well being. My range of motion and the general fluidity I feel within my body’s movement is markedly improved. Besides being incredibly skilled at her trade, she’s the most kind person you’ll ever meet. I’ve already set up follow up appointments! If you want your body to be in its best condition, I’d recommend you to Hannah asap :)” Sarah G

“When I was in labor and things were moving slowly, Nicole did some points to bring on labor. The pain at the end was extremely intense, and she found points to take the edge off. I loved having her there, quietly taking care of me, while chaos was going on all around me. She was the calm in the storm, and she helped me to be present to the birth of my baby boy instead of being focused on my own pain and discomfort.”

“Beautiful, calming decor, tea while you wait, friendly staff. I received an excellent massage from Veronica. She has a healing presence and touch. Highly recommend!” Peter

“Nicole’s was the very best massage I have had, just a delightful experience.”

“I was so happy to hear that Nicole had opened her own place. I have been a patient of Nicole’s for over 7 years; first with back and shoulder problems and now on a semi-regular basis to help deal with stress. She is amazing. While other massage therapists may have great training, great technique, experience, or a healing touch, Nicole seamlessly integrates all of these into a magnificent therapeutic and relaxing massage. While others can claim to be taught be Nicole, she stands above the rest in her profession. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for a healer’s hand.”

“Nicole was really good! She is very connected and very much cares about what she is doing. It was the most enjoyable trip to a spa!”

“I had never enjoyed massage treatments until I had a massage from Nicole. I was pregnant 5 years ago and was encouraged to have a massage. I was amazed at how comfortable I was through the treatment and how much more energy and less pain afterwards! She is a miracle worker! I am pregnant again and have been having regular massages. I have felt great through my pregnancy! I have referred others to Nicole and have heard back from them that it was the best massage they had ever had! If you want to feel better and healthier please have a massage from Nicole!”

“Nicole’s Stone Massage was the best I have had!”

“Nicole is wonderful, caring and has my recommendation to everyone!”

“Nicole does an amazing job. She knows how to make you fell refreshed and relaxed.”

“I had a prenatal massage with Nicole and was phenomenal. I’m coming back next week!”

“I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful treatment I received. Nicole gave me a great massage!”

“Very professional, high quality, relaxing massage!”

“Nicole is excellent!”

“Nicole was superb! Thank you.”

“After 20 years of professional experience, one fully understands that when you embark in the task of providing a reference about someone’s professional abilities so that other’s can capture the level of quality and the level of impact that person has; you are tasked with an incredible responsibility, and with that understanding I have embarked into this task.

I have known Nicole for the past year, when our paths crossed as my body was in profound need to recuperate from the delivery of my son. A delivery that had gone terribly wrong (After a natural child birth I had 3 emergency surgeries, during that time I was in a comma, I died a couple of times, and I also had two complete blood transfusions. This to name just a few of the key traumas my body and soul endured, which I think will give you an idea of the “shape” my body and soul were in).

You must also know that since early age, and later through my own research, I was taught the value of natural healing, and the incredible impact someone could have in your body and spirit when you received a true “massage.” For that reason, in all my travels, I have researched and found the “best of the best” in regards to this area. It is with this experience, and knowledge I am able to realize the difference between what is ok, and what is amazing in regards to that profession, that I provide the following feedback about Nicole.

How many of us know what we are truly meant to be??? And out of those few, how many of us dare/have the courage to follow our own “BLISS?” I am going to give you my feedback about what I think about the work that Nicole does, and how she does it, but if I had to summarize it into two words, it would be: HEALERS HAND!! She is one of those few people who had found her “bliss,” and part of an even fewer list of human beings who have had the courage to follow it! I am and will be eternally grateful to her for having that courage!!

Healers Hand: What a perfect name this is for the work that Nicole does. Based on her detail knowledge of the “technical” side of her profession, she has a strong base for helping others. But this is only the beginning of her “Healers Hand.” What makes her, without a question the BEST person who I have ever encountered in the hundreds of massages I have had in my life, is: Her experience (personally and professionally), her wisdom, and the innate and amazing gift she has to “HEAL”. There is a sense of pure and natural caring that you can feel, when you have been blessed enough to have been touched by her, in every dimension possible.

It is the combination and sum of her gift, her technical knowledge and her wisdom, which has allowed her to take my body and spirit into a journey that allows me to say: She has Healed Me!!! Physically, emotionally and spiritually. H E A L me!!! What profound words, and ever lasting impact that has been and will be in my life, Mi son’s and all that will cross my path. Coming from the business world I would say my healing was tactical and strategic. Tactically: as on one hand I could feel immediate results, strategically: through time and the consistent work on my body and soul, she was able to get me as a person, not only back to where I was prior to the surgeries, but also with a deeper understanding of myself, my body and my soul.

I can only hope that as many people as possible can discover her gift, her everlasting impact, and as a result ensure that she is able to continue to be a gift for all of us, with her Healer’s Hand! Any additional work Nicole embarks on with her business it is with the full understanding and responsibility she feels about helping others, and making a true difference. I hope she continues to have the courage and determination to ensure Healers Hand grows, and continues to make a difference in the life of ALL us who are blessed to cross her path. Either through her hands, or through the many other services and products that she decides to represent.

As we move on with life, and destiny changes our “physical” location, I will always be grateful for each moment I was able to spend with Nicole and her HEALERS HAND!!”

Constanza Mateus