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Soul Therapy

Allowing us to leave our soul in better condition…. than we found it

  •  Healing deeply at the root of our emotional and physical pain, bringing ease into life and the lives around us as we journey
  • Love is equidistant; we can only love outward as far as we can love ourselves inward
  • When we heal ourselves, we heal our global family
  • We have embodied at a time that is inviting more and more of us to heal deeply toward the luminous light within,  as our contribution to the unhooking and clearing of collective karma upon the timeline of humanity.
  • Inviting consciousness to that which the soul seeks to experience in its healing, clarity and wisdom in this lifetime with self, others and in its contributions to the collective.


Areas of Focus

While soul is truly everywhere, her soul therapy practice largely focuses upon the following:

    • Astrological Natal Psychology… cutting the deadwood of consciousness to focus upon that which is truly ‘live’ for the soul in this lifetime; begins to relieve feelings of stuckness, anxiety, heaviness, and move into a sense of clarity, understanding, purpose and ease.
    • Past LIfe/Karmic Healing…. In nothing but unconditional love, the soul journey’s to prior lifetimes to heal and bring in ease and wisdom to current relationships, often clearing heavier feelings and thoughts we had been carrying for decades.
    • Soulful Relationship….Whether in partnership or as a parent, healing the inner child and beyond by which to love self more deeply within, thus facilitating stronger and deeper outward unconditional love. What is quite special is the gift of sharing and supporting the process of our healing journey with another, or as in the case of parent(s) and child, to understand and honor the pure soul of the child and to live into the ways the child is evolving the soul of the parent(s).
    • Emotional Root of Physical Pain…gently unbraiding the entanglement of physical and emotional pain to then apply healing consciousness. Often our physical pain is a remnant upon the soul from a life long ago that is being invited to heal in this one.

Introductory Packages Prices:

Initial Astro-Soul Dive Package for $399…2 astrology readings( natal and transits) with a single soul healing session; 4.5 hours over three sessions

3 Soul Sessions for $599….. For deeper clarity, healing, and wisdom 3 soul sessions, or 7.5 hours over three sessions of gentle soul interface to discover life purpose, facilitate karmic healing upon the soul, and to align ourselves with what we are truly here to experience and achieve in this lifetime.

Soul Medicine Bundle for $888 …..  Includes two astrology sessions, natal and transits, 3 soul sessions, and a three-month followup integration session. This is where meaningful change to the soul, sacred breath, and to chain of our moments in journey become possible.

Psychological/ Somatic Roots of Pain for $150…..Allowing the soul to echo back the root of our physical pain, seeking psychological healing when possible to assist in the development of the resilience, healing, and easing of our physical bodies. With this loving understanding of the true nature of our human experience, we deepen our capacities to live with or release our pain. Most often we are accessing the subconscious nature of our inner child trauma- wounding and/or past life origins of pain. 2 hours.

Soul-Mediumship for$150…..Gently and lovingly interface with the soul of loved ones who have crossed to inquire, complete, forgive as a means of healing that which may not have been possible while embodied. 2 hours

Please email Rene’ Heiden or text 608-438-5245 to set up scheduling