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Lash Extensions

Meet Paige Naggatz: Our Licensed Esthetician 

After growing up in Wisconsin, I decided to get out of the cold and move to the sunny Santa Monica, California. After settling down in So Cal, I started going after my life long dream of working in the beauty industry. Where I could help woman to look and feel their best. I began doing makeup for weddings, special occasions, and auditions. But after getting my Esthetician’s license, I found myself in the middle of the lash extension phenomenon.

I’ve always had a thing for lashes. I carry mascara like some woman carry lipstick. One day after seeing a photo of lashes that were so incredible, I literally had chills—I had found my passion! For the last two years I’ve been helping clients to love how they look from the moment they wake up, until they brush their teeth and smile at their lashes in the mirror, before heading to bed.

I create a unique lash look around each client’s desires to assure everyone leaves feeling beautiful! So Cal was great, but the Midwest called me home. Now I’m ready to share everything I learned in a city where woman take their looks very seriously, even on camera. Click here to schedule an appointment to create the perfect lashes for your look!

There are many different types of lashes and many ways to apply them. Although this is allows me to create a unique look for each client, it is also the reason you see and hear that Lash Extensions cause damage, are uncomfortable, or look fake. I was trained in the Korean technique, where Lash Extensions originated over 30 years ago. They have perfected the healthiest and most beautiful application that never damages your natural lashes.

Extensions are:

  • Never applied to baby hairs—protects future growth.
  • Applied underneath your natural lashes—never weighing down, or causing breakage to nature lashes
  • Applied in appropriate widths to compliment your natural lashes — 80 to 120 extensions, on average, are applied to each eye [too much weight may feel uncomfortable, and result in premature shedding of your natural lashes.]

Our first step in your Lash Extension experience is an comprehensive consultation to create a healthy, comfortable, perfect look for you. I carry a variety of widths, lengths, and curls. All my lashes are cruelty-free, Faux mink. It is soft, flexible, comfortable, and less prone to allergic reactions. Lash extensions are an amazing enhancement to the natural beauty that is uniquely you. Click here to schedule your consultation with Paige.