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Rene’ Heiden soul-based astrologer, soul therapist

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 Working in private practice to shift and heal inner psychosocial energies and wounding held within deeper consciousness, while applying practices and modalities of evolutionary astrology, shamanic soul retrieval and journeying,  archetypal clearing of the deeper unconscious-psyche and perspective shifting and integration of both the emotional field and fitness of our cerebral consciousness.

As a student of the moment and of many gifted teachers, both around the United States and the world,  Rene’ has dedicated the last ten years of her journey to her own soul’s healing,  gifts and connection to sacred ancestry. Since 2015, has studied evolutionary and soul-based astrology with Barry Kerr and Dr. Kristine Gay, PhD, now in Sedona Arizona. Additionally, a student of archetypal astrology since 2019 with renowned astrologer and holotropic healer, Renn Butler of British Columbia, Canada. Certified with Karen Paolino, in Soul Entrainment, and continues to refine her sacred soul healing practices with Dr. Daniel Foor, PhD in Ancestral Medicine and Animist Psychology, along with indigenous earth ritual and ancestral wisdom  privately with respected Incan Shaman Marco Kallampita, of Cuzco, Peru. While a certified master hypnotist, Rene’ prefers to give direct reverence and honor to the intentions of the soul of the client, in respect to the direct language and guidance of healing, clarity and wisdom of Spirit, ancestors and medicine guides.

Rene’ bridges current modalities with modern psychotherapy practices, in fact, is in a collaborative practice with Dr. Kate Stewart, clinical psychotherapist, Madison, WI, and her work honors and complements existing psychological therapeutic plans currently in place with most of her clients.


Introductory Packages Prices:

Initial Astro-Soul Dive Package for $399……2 astrology readings( natal and transits) with a single soul healing session; 4.5 hours over three sessions

3 Soul Sessions for $599….. For deeper clarity, healing and wisdom 3 soul sessions, or 7.5 hours over three sessions of gentle soul interface to discover life purpose, facilitate karmic healing upon the soul and to align ourselves with what we are truly here to experience and achieve in this lifetime.

Soul Medicine Bundle for $888 …..  Includes two astrology sessions, natal and transits, 3 soul sessions and a three month followup  integration  session. This is where meaningful change to the soul, sacred breath, and to chain of our moments in journey become possible.

Psychological/ Somatic Roots of Pain for $150….. Allowing the soul to echo back the root of our physical pain, seeking psychological healing when possible to assist in the development of the resilience, healing and easing of our physical bodies. With this loving understanding of the true nature of our human experience we deepen our capacities to live with or release  our pain. Most often we are accessing the subconscious nature of our inner child trauma- wounding  and/or past life origins of pain. 2 hours.

Soul-Mediumship for$150…..Gently and lovingly interface with the soul of loved ones who have crossed to inquire, complete, forgive as a means of healing that which may not have been possible while embodied. 2 hours

Please email Rene’ Heiden reneheiden@gmail.com or text 608-438-5245 to set up scheduling.

Other Pricing Options

Soul-based Evolutionary Astrology…………………………………. $222.00

  • A set of readings, natal and transits, comprising two hours via Zoom that directs consciousness to the pure essence of gifts of the soul, wisdom sought and healing desired in the experience of this lifetime.

Soul Healing Dive Session…………………………………………..$222.00

  • A 2.5 hour office session that gently and with direct contact with the unconditional love of soul, moves to heal trauma, wounding, root causes of our physical pain, soul recognition of authentic gender or spiritual identity and ancestral karma. Flowing from inner child to past lives, and guided by the desire of your own soul to bring you into alignment of a journey that is more beautiful than you can see for yourself. 
  • These sessions are also useful in mediumship and connection to the souls of those who have crossed, seeking their completion, healing and in forming a durable opening to a reciprocal relationship with them from the other side.

 Soulful Parenting Package…………………………………………..$1111.00 for mother and child, Add $575.00 with additional parent or grandparent.

  • Includes 2 hours of natal astrology reading for parent, 3 soul dive sessions seeking completion of healing of the inner child and 1.5 hours of baby and parent astrology seeking understanding of the pure soul of the child and how the child is evolving the soul of the parent(s).
  • Includes a 6 month followup, Q&A, and integration session.

 Soulfully Evolved Partnership/Relationship…………………………..$2222.00

  • Includes 5 hours of natal, transit and biwheel synastry astrology for the couple, and up to 8 soul healing dives moving thru inner child and past life to best understand the true origination of the relationship and the depths of healing and accumulated wisdom of the soul in this union. Clears lifetimes of karmic material, and rapidly brings the soul wisdom, light, and unconditional love into the self. Creating an ease and commitment to continued higher level evolution of the union.
  • Also includes therapeutic integration of soul healing work into daily life, as needed, betwixt dive sessions and beyond.

Please email Rene’ Heiden reneheiden@gmail.com or text 608-438-5245 to set up scheduling.