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THE NEST Yoga & Movement


Amy Torrey – RYT 200 / Prenatal RYT 95

Stressed out by the modern expectations of being a working mother, I found myself wondering if I was missing the deeper meaning of life. Although cross training supplied me the physical challenge I yearned for, my heart called for a more profound connection. Always open to new things, I signed up for a month of yoga and ironically the theme of my first class was “finding that deeper meaning”. I fell head-over-heals in love, and have never looked back. My relationships grew stronger, and my anxiety lifted as my life began to shift. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from embarking on a journey to living life wholeheartedly. In the spring of 2015, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Perennial Yoga & Meditation. My classes embrace my authentic, non-judgmental style, creating a playful yet powerful balance between breath and movement. My hope is that my heart-centered classes will encourage both spiritual and physical growth. I am an artist, a mother and a wife, an organic gardener, and an environmental enthusiast…as well as a lover of generous hugs, fish tacos, traveling the world and laughing until I snort.   


Jamie Healy – RYT 200

Jamie took her first yoga class in Seattle in 2002 and has been practicing ever since. She has a deep respect for the ability of the human body to heal itself and has seen firsthand what a consistent yoga practice can do to calm the mind and deepen the connection to self and others. Jamie is a lover of all things natural. Often described as “organic,” she creates natural skin care products using essential oils. In 2014 Jamie received her 200 hour RYT certification after completing the Perennial Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training at Perennial Yoga & Meditation. Jamie’s classes will encourage you to trust your inner teacher and connect to your truest nature. Jamie is honored to witness the transformative power of yoga in her students and feels blessed to be a part of  The Nest Community.


Amy Speed – RYT 200

When Amy found yoga 16 years ago, she fell in love. For the first time in her life she experienced a physical practice that invited her to connect with her body exactly as it was in that moment. Years of battling weight and self-image issues meant that this idea was liberating for Amy. Life took her away from her practice for a few years, but she never let go of the ideas yoga had introduced to her. After the birth of her second child 5 years ago, Amy was once more called back to her mat. Now, through a dedicated practice she finds yoga allows her to bring more presence, patience, strength and gratitude into her life.

As a teacher, Amy uses her experiences to authentically connect with her students. Expect her classes to balance an invitation for physical challenge through thoughtful sequencing and strong holds with moments of surrender to integrate body, mind and heart. It also should be mentioned that she loves to laugh, and works tirelessly on not taking herself too serious. Amy received her 200-hour training at The Studio in Madison, WI. She is also a certified Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga instructor.


Nichole  Baumbach – Dance Instructor

Nichole dreamed of being a ballerina when she was little. Well now she teaches dance fitness, close enough! She’s been dancing regularly for the last 5 years doing bellydance, Zumba, burlesque and hip hop. Nichole has taught burlesque fitness and twerk fitness. And most recently is co-teaching a class called chub club dance party. Join her as she mashes all genres together to move your body for an hour of dance fitness.