Our AHH-mazing Massage Therapists

Our AHH-mazing Massage Therapists

Cy Davenport LMT

 Cy Davenport

 A graduate of Fox Valley School of Massage, Cy’s massage practice involves Western techniques with concepts stemming from Eastern modalities. Cy is inspired by holistic traditions from saints and sages, plus current supportive research behind preventative approaches in therapy, and describes massage as being an abundance of exciting and fulfilling work. Intersected with massage therapy, Cy’s evolving interests lie between the wonders of the human consciousness, creative writing, and autobiographies. An approach that is intentional and gentle, Cy provides soothing relaxation and rejuvenating recovery.


Our AHH-mazing Massage Therapists

Al Poliarco LMT

Al Poliarco

Al is a Licensed Bodywork and Massage Therapist and Certified Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapist which is his specialty. He is a graduate of the East West Healing Arts Institute Asian Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage Program. Al is interested in the junction of body, mind, and spirit, and honors this connection in his massage practice by recognizing that healing comes through addressing the whole self. Al provides an atmosphere of privacy and safety where relaxation, physical healing, and rebalancing are nurtured. He offers Swedish massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and centuries old Asian bodywork techniques such as Tui Na, Fire Cupping,


Our AHH-mazing Massage Therapists

Veronica Polacek LMT

Veronica Polacek 

Veronica supports the connection of mind, body, and spirit, and focuses on bringing awareness to this connection through therapeutic touch, assisting people to be present, and to focus on self care. She wants to help others realize the magnificent ability of the body to heal itself naturally through movement, nutrition, and a focus on self; in other words, the body’s ability to heal through nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. Veronica is a Licensed Bodywork and Massage Therapist. She is a graduate of the East West Healing Arts Institute Asian Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage Program. She offers Asian bodywork techniques including cupping, acupressure, and Tui Na combined with Western techniques of myofascial, Swedish, reflexology, deep tissue, and hot stone massage. Veronica provides a unique all-around healing experience, and leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.


Our AHH-mazing Massage Therapists

Amanda Timmers LMT

Amanda Timmers

 Amanda uses a firm, nurturing touch that relaxes the body enough to receive deeper work. Her favorite modalities are myofascial release, deep tissue, cupping, and point work, including acupressure and trigger point. She loves doing detailed, therapeutic work, and is experienced with TMJ, tension headaches, low back pain, and pregnancy massage. Amanda enjoys the continual learning process of massage, and the exploration of various patterns of dysfunction in the body. She strives to create safe, nurturing spaces for healing of all kinds to occur. Amanda is also a math, science, and psychology geek with a passion for serving others, and when not giving massages, Amanda can be found singing, cooking, and making DIY skin care products which includes massage oil.